Anyone have VMS 5.5 Software Product Library

From: Mark Wickens <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 04:11:11 2005

On Monday 14 February 2005 7:30 pm, John C. Ellingboe wrote:
> I have a set of VMS 5.5 CDs and it does have VAX APL 4.0 on them. I
> don't have a VAX setup and running at this time so I could extract it
> but I could probably correct that problem if necessary.

Hi John,

If there was any way you could get that package to me that would be great! I'm
pretty sure now that APL 4.0 didn't make it into the 6.x/7.x distributions.



Mark Wickens
Rhodium Consulting Ltd
Received on Tue Feb 15 2005 - 04:11:11 GMT

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