Laser display (was Re: Orlando hamfest)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 03:59:40 2005

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          Ethan Dicks <> wrote:

> Steppers? I have on the shelf a book by "Scientific American" about
> lasers and light. One of the articles reproduced there is about
> constructing ones own 'laser show', but it uses a pair of modified
> cone speakers


Another idea would be to use a hard drive actuator. I've got a 20gig Maxtor
D740X here that has a dead motor... I wonder if the voicecoil actuator could
be modded to operate a mirror. An interesting idea, nontheless.

> display" for, say, the foundation for a Laser MAME rig (who wants to
> play "Star Wars" on the living room wall? Anyone?)

Now THAT would be cool, but I'd rather play Asteroids. Wonderful monochrome
vectors - much cheaper :)
If you wanted to do Star Wars, you'd probably need to rig up a DPSS green
laser and some form of blue laser to do it properly. With Asteroids you just
use a red laser pointer :)

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