11/45 front panel operation question

From: Tom Uban <uban_at_ubanproductions.com>
Date: Tue Feb 15 07:47:51 2005

At 07:07 AM 2/15/2005 -0600, Jay West wrote:

>In my quest to get my 11/45 front panel switches working well, I've made
>use of a junk 11/70 front panel I bought just for that purpose. However,
>there are a few switches on the /45 front panel that I'm not completely
>sure if they are supposed to be momentary or not. It appears (I can't be
>certain since my junk 11/70 panel has no silkscreen) the /70 switches are
>different on the right hand side. So can anyone please confirm the following:
>On an 11/45....
>LOAD ADRS should be momentary down
>EXAM should be momentary down
>START should be momentary down
>DEP should be momentary up
>REG EXAM should be momentary down

Jay, Here is what they should be from left to right (in each group).

Five momentary down:


Three momentary up:

LAMP TEST (white)


>These particular switches on my /45 are mushy enough that I'm not sure if
>they are supposed to be momentary.
>Jay West
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