HP TSB card

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Date: Tue Feb 15 07:54:10 2005

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Jay West wrote:

> http://www.classiccmp.org/jwest/card/
> I put two images of the same card there. The bmp is clearer, the jpg is
> "ok". Make sure you click on the invisible "enlarge" icon at the lower right
> to see it full size.
> I'd love to know how to code all the symbols. I'm sure it's in the source,
> maybe I'll dig there!

Most likely, thusly:

For any of the numbers or symbols, as you figured you just mark it. To
get one of the letters inside the number cells, you mark the cell with the
letter you want and then, in order from top to bottom relative to where
the letter is, you mark either the &, - or 0 cell. So for examp,e, if you
want an A, you would mark the 1 and & cells; for J, the 1 and - cells; and
for /, the 1 and 0 cells.

Just a guess, but if it's not exactly how it works then it's probably
close ;)

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