HP TSB card

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tue Feb 15 08:54:56 2005

Sellam wrote...
> For any of the numbers or symbols, as you figured you just mark it. To
> get one of the letters inside the number cells, you mark the cell with the
> letter you want and then, in order from top to bottom relative to where
> the letter is, you mark either the &, - or 0 cell. So for examp,e, if you
> want an A, you would mark the 1 and & cells; for J, the 1 and - cells; and
> for /, the 1 and 0 cells.

Yup, that part I remember. That will get you any of the symbols on the left.
But I'm not sure how to get the symbol under the number, or the symbols to
the right of the number.

Of course, with &,-,0 there are 8 possible combinations, and in each box 8
symbols. 3 on the left, the number in the center, the symbol under the
number, and then the three symbols on the right. So it's a fair guess the
other symbols are marked with some combination of the &,-,0 marks.

I did gander at the card reader driver in the TSB source, and the coding for
this is in there. For the three symbols on the left the code is obvious. The
other symbols the coding is less obvious, but definitely there. If I get
time I'll revisit the source to elucidate the pattern, but it will probably
be simpler to wait till I refurb the 7621 and just mark a card with the
combinations and run it through.

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