HP 1630 logic analysers

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 15 13:37:08 2005

John Honniball wrote:
> I wonder how much compatibility there is between the 1630A, D and G
> models (in terms of boards)? Do they share the same basic boards,
> but with more input boards in the bigger (D and G) models?

Just thought I'd better follow-up on my quest for a working HP
logic analyser. I had a 1630D with a PSU fault and a 1630G that
had been dropped (front panel smashed, CRT OK but connections
ripped off). I found that I could swap the whole card cage,
power supply, rear panel and fan from the "G" into the chassis
of the "D". Just a couple of ribbon cables (keypad and video)
to connect up. The "G" boards had survived the impact unscathed
(no real surprise for old HP kit) and passed self-test fine.

BTW, the CPU in the "G" model has its original part number
(the "D" was HP house-coded) and it's a 68B09. So, now
I have a working 1630G, and a full set of pods.

Thanks to everyone who offered manuals, too. I'll be needing
the "G" manual now, and it looks like it'll be on bitsavers.org

John Honniball
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