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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Tue Feb 15 16:59:50 2005

> Each pass of the compiler/assembler would eat up another pile of cards
> to make the new 'object' deck. So by necessity, the 650 would eat up a
> large quantity of cards just in the programming/debug process.
> This is all repeated from what my father told me a number of years ago.
> Anybody who remembers details otherwise please feel free to correct me.

No, it is essentially correct for the days of card. I imagine cards were
used at phenomenal rates in large universities, at the end of each term.

The nice thing about cards, and their use today (as we play with old
machines) is that unlike paper tape, you can have a print shop make up
cards fairly easily, even with the index chop. The only thing that would
be "faked" would be the nice rounded corners. I think most card handling
machines would not care too much if the corners were chamfered or
filleted (sp?).

William Donzelli
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