Christie's auction

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 17:04:38 2005

> Wow, this stuff is w{a}y over-valued

Some things there are over 100 years old and on topic.
That beats us by 10 times.

"The Origins of Cyberspace collection described as lots 1-255
 will first be offered as a single lot, subject to a reserve price.
 If this price is not reached, the collection will be immediately
 offered as individual lots..."

There may be some averaging of prices going on.
Some things may be overpriced, some under even.
When a simple thing is in with a collection it is worth
more; something we all probably know.... Like with
1X manual + 1X software +1X computer = 10X

> The good thing in all this is that after the auction flops

Sounds like famous last words, except they won't be last ones <g>

John A.
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