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From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 17:58:15 2005

> Sellam said:
> Norman will be speaking tonight at Stanford but I won't be attending.
> Instead, I'll be hanging out with the PDP-1 Restoration Team at the
> Computer History Museum where real history is being explored: I think
> tonight may be the night where they get Spacewar! running ;)

I wish I was on the west coast so I could come and somehow be
involved with that project, even if just as an observer. I've been
following it on the web site and it looks fascinating. I used to travel
to the west coast a lot, but since I changed jobs a couple years ago
I quit traveling.

I like the southeast, but there just ain't much computer history going on
around here. I had to do my PDP-11 project mostly by myself while
consulting with lots of manuals from Al's site and consulting with the
experts in California and elsewhere.

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