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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 22:11:19 2005

From: "Jay West" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 9:35 PM
> Please check all the germane headers first. If there is a problem, then
> forward the headers to me.
> This type of thing seemed to happen last time the drive started flaking
> out, which it did again very recently. I'm ready to switch to the new
> drives any time.... but since the controller doesn't work in the TUSI-M
> board, I'm kinda stuck with half the services on one machine (my home midi
> box) and half on the old server with the failing hard drive. Freakin
> wonderful. The hard drive could be the culprit.
> The most common cause of this problem - being subscribed to both cctalk
> and cctech at the same time. That's totally pointless. Pick one or the
> other :)
> Another possible cause of messages being out of order - moderator
> influence :) Often multiple passes are made through the list of pending
> messages, picking the easy ones to let through and going back later and
> scrutinizing the others. Sorry.
> Jay

I was having "problems", I think it was my fault and I am working on
correcting it:

I was using my website email server, I am not happy with the service and
will try a different host when my current contract expires.

I have switched to my private server and will check that out. I am saving
all messages in a separate email account and if there are any problems I
will know it soon.

As I see it if I am having problems first make sure it's not my problem ;-)

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