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From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 21:35:17 2005

Please check all the germane headers first. If there is a problem, then
forward the headers to me.

This type of thing seemed to happen last time the drive started flaking out,
which it did again very recently. I'm ready to switch to the new drives any
time.... but since the controller doesn't work in the TUSI-M board, I'm
kinda stuck with half the services on one machine (my home midi box) and
half on the old server with the failing hard drive. Freakin wonderful. The
hard drive could be the culprit.

The most common cause of this problem - being subscribed to both cctalk and
cctech at the same time. That's totally pointless. Pick one or the other :)

Another possible cause of messages being out of order - moderator influence
:) Often multiple passes are made through the list of pending messages,
picking the easy ones to let through and going back later and scrutinizing
the others. Sorry.

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