HDL vs. schematics (was Re: ebay - cardamatic)

From: woodelf <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Wed Feb 16 16:34:16 2005

Patrick Finnegan wrote:

>On Wednesday 16 February 2005 11:36, woodelf wrote:
>You can make your own 'adder' block if you really want to. The good
>thing about HDLs is that they read more like code than like schematics.
I did and I have ... mind you the code is clean but I need to go back a
document it.

>And, with good HDL CAD software, like what I used in classes at Purdue,
>there's a 'schematic capture' package that you can use to connect
>together block of stuff, and it outputs an HDL file (typically VHDL or
>Verilog). Usually when you're designing something large (like the
>32bit RISC CPU with caching, and virtual memory we built in a class I
>took), you don't want to concern yourself with gate-level semantics.
>But, if you want to, you still can.
Cough Cough gag ... you know what I think about RISC or CISC's. I think
working with
a PDP-8 had a bad impact in my life -- I think of small clean processors
not risc stuff.
My problem with RISC is the load/store aspect of the designs not the
concept of reduced

>>If you care about something like that you can define your own (another
>>person's) adder like I was showing above, and use that
Well everybody seems to be re-inventing the wheel. While I have not
looked too hard
I have yet to find (or designed ) a clean ALU block with shifting.

Ben alias woodelf.
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