RTP IO controllers (Computer Products, Fort Lauderdale)

From: Philipp Hachtmann <hachti_at_hachti.de>
Date: Thu Feb 17 15:04:33 2005


I am looking for information about IO controllers made by "Computer
Products Inc., Fort Lauderdale".

The controllers are normally named "RTP XXXX/XX" where X are numbers.
The company who produced these controllers (now RTP corp.
www.rtpcorp.com) is still around and uses its "RTP BUS". But they don't
give me any information about the bus.

Who has this kind of hardware in one of his old minicomputers (exept Tom
Jennings who will send me over his controller)?
Who has ANY documentation for these controllers?
Who knows someone who could have... etc.

Pictures of my controllers can be found here:

http://h316.hachti.de/img/rtp1.jpg - My two devices
http://h316.hachti.de/img/rtp2.jpg - A label
http://h316.hachti.de/img/rtp3.jpg - first device's cards
http://h316.hachti.de/img/rtp4.jpg - second device's cards

Thank you very much,

Philipp :-)
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