ClassicCmp IRC channel?

From: joe heck <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 16:35:13 2005

I thought the list was geared toward stuff at least ten years old??? I
would think that IRC qualifies then as something we should strive to
resurrect and use, not AIM or MSN messenger or even worse, yahoogroups
or something like that...

There are still many groups using IRC, some of the satellite groups come
to mind.

Anyway, if we used something newer, it would be like using a Pentium 4
PC as a console for our beloved DEC PDP-11s or Vaxen (for us DEC people).

I still remember punch cards, IBM accounting machines with patch boards,
real core memory, assembly language, and
tubes. I couldn't fathom using something like videoconferencing for
this group interactively.

Anyway, that's my nickel's worth, without too much thought, and a little


Joe Heck

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Tore S Bekkedal wrote:
>IRC is so mid-1990s. I don't even know how to access IRC anymore. If my
>Linux box has an IRC client then I'd be surprised (and if so then I'm
>going to delete it just to be a dick :)
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