x86 Assembler Recommendations (Jim Leonard)

From: Matthew Kennedy <m.kennedy_at_cqu.edu.au>
Date: Thu Feb 17 19:49:08 2005

At the borland museum you can download Antique Software: Turbo C
version 2.01. It includes TASM.

Pascal Dornier includes his amazing assembler in his Turbo Pascal 3.0

As.com is only 10kb, includes a full screen editor and compiles faster
than DOS did a file copy. It is non standard syntax, but much more
reasonable than MASM

> Here is the summary of suggestions that I've received:
> MASM32 (www.masm32.com) - geared toward 32 bit environments? WASM
> (Open Watcom) - not as full featured as MASM or TASM but usable? Arrow

> assember A86
> AS (http://john.ccac.rwth-aachen.de:8000/as/index.html)
> RASM86 (Digital Research .. the 'other' DOS)
> I'll be scanning eBay for TASM or older MASMs for a bit, and looking
> at
> the others to see what might work. Being a newbie I'm a little
> to experiment with anything but the gold standard (okay, maybe not
> gold), so TASM and MASM are higher up on my list.
> Another possibility is finding a 6.x version of MASM on DevNet CDs.
> At
> work I do all of my programming in a Linux environment, so we don't
> DevNet CDs just laying around ...
> Thanks again,
> Mike

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