Smallest TCP/IP code?

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 19:48:19 2005

Any ideas on what the smallest/easiest to port TCP and IP code
might be? I keep having this abberant idea of writing TCP/IP code
for the Data General Nova, for RDOS, for a mapped
foreground/background system.

A telnet or ftp server could run in userland, and have access to
what that user would. Probably SLIP to some unix host via a tty

It might be impossible to find a C compiler for this thing, so
unless someone has a cross-platform compiler it would have to be
hand coded.

I have never coded such a thing. Assuming I can clip the feature
set to an excruciating minumum (no sliding windows, etc) how
complex would it be?

I'm thinking it would simply be a program manually (or CLI) run
locally, which would "listen" on the TCP port of the SLIP driver.

I'm not even worried about multiple simultaneous connections, it's
not like I have to turn it into a webserver or something, just be
able to get into it at all.
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