Smallest TCP/IP code?

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 20:10:44 2005

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Jennings <> writes:

 Tom> Any ideas on what the smallest/easiest to port TCP and IP code
 Tom> might be? I keep having this abberant idea of writing TCP/IP
 Tom> code for the Data General Nova, for RDOS, for a mapped
 Tom> foreground/background system.

 Tom> A telnet or ftp server could run in userland, and have access to
 Tom> what that user would. Probably SLIP to some unix host via a tty
 Tom> interface.

 Tom> I have never coded such a thing. Assuming I can clip the feature
 Tom> set to an excruciating minumum (no sliding windows, etc) how
 Tom> complex would it be?

No sliding windows? You mean fixed size windows? The window has to
slide, otherwise you're not going to receive more than one window of

Anyway, the BSD 2.x code might be helpful; after all that fits into a
PDP-11. And it's written in C.

As for the compiler, you could do a Nova port for GCC... :-)

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