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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 12:08:29 2005

>From: "William Donzelli" <>
>> So are you saying the Germans did most of the radar work? If so then
>> it probably was a case of two groups both doing the work, since
>> obviously the knowledge wasn't being shared.
>No, not the German, but pretty much everybody. US, British, Germans,
>Russians, Swiss, Japanese...
>The British, however, get nearly all of the credit.

 Other than the magnetron, the most important thing
that was developed for RADAR was the rotating display.
I'm not sure if this was developed in Britain or the US.
 Two methods were used. One was mechanical, using a
rotating deflection coil. The other was fully electronic.
It used RF mixers to produce the multiplying of sine
and cosine signals on a standard XY scope.
 The result was that the display produced a map rather
than some little blips on a straight line display.
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