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From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 12:57:09 2005

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Parker <> writes:

 Brad> William Donzelli wrote:
>>> So are you saying the Germans did most of the radar work? If so
>>> then it probably was a case of two groups both doing the work,
>>> since obviously the knowledge wasn't being shared.
>> No, not the German, but pretty much everybody. US, British,
>> Germans, Russians, Swiss, Japanese...
>> The British, however, get nearly all of the credit.

 Brad> I thought Alfred Loomis and his gang in building 20 at MIT did
 Brad> most of the heavy lifting on allied RADAR. Is that untrue?

 Brad> As I recall they benefited greatly from a British magnetron
 Brad> design, however (centimeter wavelength).

Remember that early radar was VHF/UHF, not microwave.

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