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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 19:08:06 2005

> Sorry for being unclear, I think the implication for this radar
> discussion was aircraft-mounted, which was (nearly) all microwave.
> 10cm then 3cm, then shorter, etc. The 28 MHz stuff ("chain home")
> wasn't portable (to say the least :-)

Lots of aircraft sets early in the war were UHF. In fact, the largest run
of any radar in World War 2, the ASB series, was UHF. I have many in
stock. Wanna buy one?
> THAT I believe was first completely implemented in england. ANd
> here's a good example of the blurriness of invention. "British
> invented radar" (chain home). True! But they can't (and don't)
> claim transmitters, receivers, antennae, detectors, etc etc that
> it's all built from. Radio junk.

Depends on who you talk too...

William Donzelli
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