Smallest TCP/IP code?

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 19:08:32 2005

Hi Bruce,

Thought I'd try out your reNOVAte code... can I get a keycode for the
linux version? It's giving me:

(1) 00000000
(2) dc003535

It's different every time; will the same key work more than once?

Also, the renodemo.tar.Z file gives 404 NOT FOUND.

If that's a problem, I can easily run the DOS version.

Looks like I'll have time tonight and on Monday to work on the
tti/tto paper tape thing. Not crucial now that you're sending me a
DTOS tape, but handy non the less.

In fact, I'm probably going to make a Perl paper tape simulator
for my laptop instead, unless I can find one ready-made.

I'll write up the details.
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