MINIVAC assistance needed

From: Eric F. <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 21:13:10 2005

Picked a MINIVAC, finally. Paid a little more than I wanted to, but I'll

The MINIVAC did not come with any of the jumper wires (patch cords).

Thus, I'm looking for the following information regarding these wires:

(1) The jumper wires were supplied in 3 different lengths (short, medium,
long). What measured length were they?

(2) How many of each length were supplied?

(3) What (approx.) gauge wire was used?

(4) A photo of one of the wires. Specifically, I'm looking for a closeup of
the type of connector used at the end of the wire. (email me off list with
the photo, or post to a web site)

If any of you folks have a MINIVAC buried deep in your archives, I'd
greatly appreciate help with the above information.

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