USPS Media Mail (was Re: Off-topic, but interesting (Fiorina fired))

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 23:38:49 2005

>I've had people tell me the post office wouldn't let them send magazines
>because they have advertising in them. Even 20 year old magazines.

The post office web site simply says it can't contain advertising.
However, when I asked the local postmaster about it, he said that refers
to advertising material, or items specifically designed for advertising,
and that things like old magazines or computer paperwork would be ok. He
said the intent was to prevent Media Mail rate from being used to send
things like catalogs or other items that the post office uses as a
regular source of income.

I did not clarify if pure advertising material that is out of date
material (ie: sending an old Apple flyer or similar) would be ok. I
suspect not.

But with the post office, what one location says is ok, is not what
another may agree to. I've had things get taken in at a local office,
only to be bounced back by a regional sort facility as incorrect (never
media mail items). The post office seems to have arbitrary rules that are
open to interpretation at any given facility.

Since I was told very specifically that anything sent Media Mail is
subject to random opening and inspection, I'd be of the mind set that if
you aren't sure if it qualifies, then don't send it that way.

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