Yay, partial success!

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Sat Feb 19 00:08:01 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> But I'm talking about the LED. He's convinced that the DEC manual is
> wrong with regards to the D3 LED, which I find a little hard to swallow.

Nope, I'm right and the manual is wrong. After all, I'm the one with
the KDJ11-A!

Simple test - jumper the KDJ11-A for starting in ODT. Pull the memory.
  D3 lights up. Put the memory back but pull the SLU. D4 lights up.

Check the manual - haven't looked in the dead tree copy but the PDF on
bitsavers says this, on page 2-4:

D1: MicroODT is entered (Yes, because the light comes on in ODT)
D2: Module could not do a write and read transaction to the error
register. Indicates the microcode is not running. (I only see this when
I hold down the reset button)
D3: Module attempted to read location 17 777 560 and timed out.
Indicates SLU is not responding. (Nope. The SLU must be responding,
otherwise ODT wouldn't work. Removing the SLU card completely doesn't
alter this light, but making sure I've got working memory does.)
D4: Module attempted to read location 0 and timed out or attempted to
read location 17 777 700 and did not time out. Indicates the memory
system is not responding. (No, because this light comes on when you
remove the SLU from the system, but is not affected by the presence or
absence of memory).

> It would be great if there was a simple memory test he could poke in
> through ODT to test the memory and see if it does crap out above 32K.

Well, I *know* I've only got 32k, that's what it says on the board!
I've repaired my 512kw board, and now SHOW CONF tells me I have 1024KB.
  Sounds good to me.

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