Yet another unidentified Qbus board

From: joe heck <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 11:28:39 2005

I keep forgetting to look, but I have a USDC system that probably uses
that board. USDC made a couple of controllers, and I think they were
all 1108-something. It's the something that is intriguing. Besides SMD
interfaces, there were also some PRIAM disk drives with proprietary
interfaces, and the USD system I have is such a system. I think there
were three different interfaces that appeared with the 1108 series.
Just can't remember the third type.

Joe Heck

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>I've got here a board made by USDC. Part number is 10-1108-02. Google
>yields hits but just to resellers that say, "Yes, we have this board in
>It's got a 50-pin connector on top. Board has an 8086 and an AM9517A.
>Also, a bunch of dip jumper blocks (6).
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