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From: woodelf <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 13:22:04 2005

Scott Stevens wrote:

>Well, technically, all the IBM equipment from those years was 'data
>processing' equipment, not computers. The data was processed (as most
>here probably know) with card sorters. The database consisted of the
>cards, shuffled around in various ways to produce sorted decks. The
>fields to sort on were determined with wire jumpers in plugboards.
>There wasn't a computer in sight in most of those systems.
But remember IBM only expected 5 or 6 computers world wide
from that era of computing history. :D
Relay computing and paper tape ( or punched film in germany ) was the
nom for computing from that time as I just find out. Another factor
is that the USA was the only country that needed computers in 50's
( other than miliary use ) in a commerical sector of industry.
Ben alias woodelf
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