[OT]Homebrew PCB fabrication

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Sun Feb 20 13:14:08 2005

Wai-Sun Chia wrote:
> Just wanted to know what some of you folks are doing in terms of
> homebrew PCB fabrication:
> 1. What do you folks use for tinning PCB tracks? I'm still doing it
> the old-fashioned way...by hand! :-)

I don't bother. I just tin the joints as I make 'em. Works fine.

> 2. Is there a way to laminate PCBs (i.e. the green protective layer on
> the solder side) using home "technology"?

That's only necessary to prevent solder bridges between close tracks
when you're using reflow soldering. You can buy spray varnish to seal
the boards, giving a similar effect.

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