8-bit IDE hard drives, controllers

From: woodelf <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sun Feb 20 13:44:08 2005

Herb Johnson - null account wrote:

> That reminds me of recent posts about other 8-bit ISA (IBM PC bus)
> hard drive controllers. Some of the EARLIEST IDE (not MFM) hard drives
> used an 8-bit data bus, not the 16-bit which became standard
> subsequently. So some of the earliest 8-bit ISA IDE controllers and
> drives are not compatible with subsequent drives and controllers. I
> don't know or remember an easy way to determine this, beyond checking
> the specs of drive or controller. There is no difference in the
> connector.

Working on a homebrew computer design, I have been looking up IDE
interfacing and you could build a new PC
interface but you then don't have BIOS suport. I think this is more of
the case here THE PC IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE PC for 8 bit I/O. Looking
on the web you can find information of 8 bit homebrew cards for other
machines like CP/M or PDP 8's. The real problem is small drives are
harder to find so if you plan to do ny adapting IDE drives to
non-standard computers now may be a good time to find small drives while
they still are around.
Ben alias woodelf.
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