8-bit IDE hard drives, controllers

From: Jim Leonard <trixter_at_oldskool.org>
Date: Mon Feb 21 10:16:47 2005

On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 12:44:08PM -0700, woodelf wrote:
> Working on a homebrew computer design, I have been looking up IDE
> interfacing and you could build a new PC
> interface but you then don't have BIOS suport. I think this is more of
> the case here THE PC IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE PC for 8 bit I/O. Looking

Search these archives for a similar post; there are indeed 8-bit ISA
IDE interface cards that work with IDE drives up to 540MB. I have
one of them but haven't dragged out my 5150 to try it out yet
(sidetracked on another project).
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