From: Steven Canning <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 16:39:13 2005

Subject: Re: Spacewar!

> On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, William Donzelli wrote:
> SAGE was damn neat, I have to say. I know that getting an AN/FSQ-7 (or
> -8) is impossible, but getting some of the other chunks of the system are
> within the realm of possibility - things like the modems, GATORs, aircraft
> receivers, gap fillers, and so forth.
> What are the chances of ever seeing an /FSQ-7 emulator, running real SAGE
> code?
> I'm sure the Air Force still has source listings - whether they've
> declassified or not, who knows? It sure would be a major project, though.
> How about a Java application for all the blinkenlights on the maintenance
> consoles? :-)

In the early 80's we used to play a game called "SHARK " on the AEGIS Class
Cruiser USS Ticonderoga on the Hughes Large Screen Displays ( 1000 by 1000
resolution using a liquid crystal light-wave and an Arc lamp rear projection
system). It ran on a UYK-20 and used a trackball ( Orbit I believe, the guys
who tried to sue Atari for patent infringement ) for input. I've heard the
UYK-20s are gone now and have been replaced with UYK-43/44s.

Steven C.
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