Extracting images of Atari 800 diskettes.

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I don't have a solution for you necessarily but on the topic of
emulators, for Australian list members, in the current March 2005 issue
of APC (Australian Personal Computer) p20, there is an interesting
feature article on emulators with an interesting call to action
"Retrofit your PC". Apart from a lot of good general info there are also
pictures of quite number of older computers with details on where to
acquire emulators for them. There is also a short discussion on the
legality of using emulators.

Small issue aside - I intend writing to the feature editor of APC as
there are details of an emulator for the TRS80 colour computer but the
picture with it is that of a TRS80 Model 1 in all its monochrome glory.

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Subject: Extracting images of Atari 800 diskettes.

A few months ago I picked up a complete Atari 800 system at a local
estate auction. It included the disk drive and three boxes (aprox. 300
diskettes) of software for the Atari 800.

I listed it all as a complete system on eBay. A few days later, after
the bidding frenzy had fired up, I was notified by eBay that somebody
had complained and the auction was delisted by eBay because it included
the floppy diskettes. There are a LOT of programs on said disks, from
the early to mid 1980's. It looks like the collection of an avid BBSer.

Anyway, I relisted the system, minus all diskettes which weren't
'original' diskettes with a publisher's label on them. The system ended
up selling for about the price that the system plus disks had bid up to
in two days (I suspect many people were more interested in the software
than the machine).

Now I have the aprox. 280 diskettes left. I can't sell them on eBay to
a collector, and have been thinking it would be neat to extract the
software off the diskettes and find an Atari 800 simulator to run some
of the programs.

Is there an easy means to extract the software off these diskettes? I
sold the Atari disk drive (these are 5-1/4" diskettes) with the system.
Is there a utility to read these on another platform?

I'd like to extract the data/software rather than just 'wipe the disks
out.' I do have uses for the diskettes themselves, but it seems just
wrong to delete what might be the last remaining copies of some of this


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