Archiving tapes

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 18:38:02 2005

> > My initial thought was to sample them and convert in to MP3 format, burning
> > to CD. However, MP3 is lossy compression. I also wondered how I'd restore
> > them to a machine to test them, but came up with no answer.
> Good old crappy .WAV files, no compression, might be a good way to
> start if you can make those. They could them be later compressed
> to FLAC or whatever. Files are large, but who cares.

Actually, my recommendation is AIFF. The problem with .wav is that billg
et al have bastardized the format to contain any kind of sound, with any
kind of compression (there are even MP3 encoded .wav files -- no joke).

.aiff is elemental and uncompressed by definition, and most audio software
will read and write it. (AIFF-C is the compressed form, but it's much less
frequently found.)

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