8" flagstaff drive subsystem

From: jim stephens <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 20 19:12:48 2005

thanks shaun. I'll look forward for seeing what you can find. I have the cable
cabinet and controller, but I'm not sure I got the software of if I did, where it
was placed about two moves ago.

very many thanks. I was hoping someone on this list had this, as it was
a very reliable system for exchanging data. The source of this unit was
for taking submissions to a company a friend worked at when banks insisted
on mailing physical 8" media. When they finally canceled this support,
I spoke up for the subsystem.

BTW, they only recently started to push for canceling support of round
tapes. They never have had a 3480, square tape solution, but still get
info via dialup, phone center, and very little internet.

I know all will wonder what the data is, I won't say, but it isn't sensitive
or bank customer data, but I'd like not to answer who or what it is.

Just lucky enough to know someone who is junking such nice gizmos.


Wulf daMan wrote:

> I have, I believe, the same setup you do, sitting at work. I'll look
> tomarrow afternoon and see what I can find for drivers for the system.
> We used to run it on a dual-boot NCR Tower 386 system, running dos and
> SCO Unix.
> Good luck,
> --Shaun
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