Items on the VCM

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 19:15:37 2005

Sorry for this shameless plug but I've just listed a small pile of on-topic
items on the Vintage Computer Marketplace (

- A very nice, clean, well documented Zorba, which has only one flaw - it
don't work! :( - it's probably an easy repair for someone on this list.
- A handful of terminals including a TV912b, an H19a and an Altos V badged
Wyse. Most of them work, too! :)
- A huge VME bussed 68020 based Unix system with piles of docs, tapes and
spare components.
- Some S-100 Proto boards and a bare EconoRAM 14
- A Tek 4105 programmer's reference

I'll probably be tossing some more stuff up as I keep digging for "junque"
amongst my collection.

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum
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