[OT]Homebrew PCB fabrication

From: James Nugen <jnugen_at_one.woovis.com>
Date: Sun Feb 20 20:16:53 2005

woodelf wrote:

> The prices may be low but what about good cad software?
> Free or under $100 US would be nice.
> Here in Canada I was looking at about $75? setup and $1.00 can per sq
> inch.
> Of course two boards minum. Unless you plan to do 3x4 inch pcb's or
> thousands
> I too think getting the pros to do it is a better idea.

I use Eagle from CadSoft. They support both Windows and Linux. The
freeware version has a few limitations, but the only one that caused a
problem for me was the 80x100 mm board area restriction. They also have
a 'Non-Profit' version that is the same as their 'Standard Edition'.
The board area is increased to 160x100 mm along with the other
enhancements. And it's only $125!


The PCB house I've been using for my project is Sierra Proto Express.
They have a pretty inexpensive service called 'No-Touch'. They do a
quick check of you files, make the boards, and send them to you. Two
layer is $34 per board and 4 layer is $51 per board, minimum two
boards. I've been happy with the boards they have made for me so far.


Hope this helps,
James Nugen
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