Archiving tapes

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 10:31:19 2005

> > Actually, my recommendation is AIFF. The problem with .wav is that billg
> > et al have bastardized the format to contain any kind of sound, with any
> > kind of compression (there are even MP3 encoded .wav files -- no joke).
> I wouldn't consider that a problem, as you can clearly specify what
> format you want when saving. 99% of .WAV files you can find are
> uncompressed anyway.

It's not so much the saving as it is the getting from other sources. I agree
with the vast majority of .wav files still being regular old PCM, but my
experience has not been 99 percent (more like 75 percent). We even had one
particularly clueful person attempt to be helpful with an audio track he'd
taped for us. He sent us the .mp3, and then the .wav "so that we could have
an uncompressed version" -- which was encoded as, you guessed it, MP3. I
guess he never looked at the file lengths.

So, when I want uncompressed audio, I demand AIFF because I know what I'm

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