Archiving tapes

From: Peter Hicks <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 10:46:34 2005

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 08:31:19AM -0800, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> So, when I want uncompressed audio, I demand AIFF because I know what I'm
> getting.

I've just imagined a program which will:

  1. Read in an audio stream and decode in to machine-specific binary (e.g.
     BBC B, Spectrum etc.)

  2. Interpret the data and store in a generic format, which will be smaller
     than a 44kHz-sampled audio stream

  3. On demand, convert this generic format back to audio, which can be
     encoded in to an MP3 file with no loss of quality/data - in fact, as
     the signal has effectively been regenerated, a substantial quality

How difficult is it going to be to write a program like that?

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