Kaypro II keyboard? (problem)

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Mon Feb 21 15:45:39 2005

Hi again Guys,

My Kaypro II keyboard started giving me some grief today...

There are two symptoms:

1) The modifier keys stop working, no Ctrl, Shift (either
   side) or Caps-lock.

2) Keyboard generates spurious keypresses when other keys
   are pressed, for example, pressing BACKSPACE seems to
   generate a whole string of keystrokes, although pressing
   very lightly usually works.

The interesting part is that it works correctly for a few
seconds after power-up, and then begins to exhibit the
symptoms above (sometimes it takes a minute or two).

I took it apart, and found many sets of pads, and with foil
disks that press down on them - at first I though it was for
contact, however the foil disks have a film to make them non-
conduction, so I am assuming it's capacitive (?)

Cleaned all the pads, disks and board in general, put it back
together with no noticable change in behaviour.

Anyone run across this before? Is it a know problem? Is there
a known solution?

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