Kaypro II keyboard? (problem)

From: Randy McLaughlin <cctalk_at_randy482.com>
Date: Mon Feb 21 17:02:16 2005

From: "Paul A. Pennington" <paulpenn_at_knology.net>
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 4:26 PM
> Randy wrote:
>> Check the coiled cable, it would often go bad causing that kind of
>> problem. Some phone cords work others are "reversed", try a phone cord.
> Bad idea.
> The tinsel conductors in most phone cords won't carry enough current to
> work properly on Kaypros. I used to get them in all the time when I had a
> Kaypro dealership. Replaced the phone cord with the proper one and it
> almost always fixed the problem. Don't know where you could find
> heavier-gauge coil cords today -- maybe you could crimp up a "straight"
> cable just to get it working.
> Paul Pennington
> Augusta, Georgia

Kaypro did not manufacture their own cables, they used good quality phone
cords manufactured to spec. They told everyone not to use just any phone
cord and buy theirs for a good reason, theirs work.

Today people have no better choices available (that I am aware of) than a
handset cord.

If it takes trying a couple to find one that works that is fine. Better if
you have extra plugs and a crimper (you can probably even fix your existing

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