how to kludge a 486 PC into thinking it has a video card?

From: Jon Auringer <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 17:14:26 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Also, IIRC: Vesa Local Bus was quite a bit faster than PCI of the
> same era (PCI max a the time was 33Mhz, VLB was 40Mhz, maybe faster)
> and the slots were still 16-bit ISA compatible -- but they were a
> 'licenced and practicing bitch'[1] to insert and remove.

40Mhz VLB was usually doable, although not always reliable. This is
especially true if you wanted to run two VLB boards at the same time.
(i.e. video and disk controller) A friend was able to run a 50Mhz
processor/VLB video card with generally good success. Finding the right
video card took some doing, but DOOM was worth it. :)

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