[OT]Homebrew PCB fabrication

From: Allan Hessenflow <allanh-cctalk_at_kallisti.com>
Date: Mon Feb 21 17:26:00 2005

Doc Shipley wrote:
> PCBExpress. The same friends use them for one-off designs, because
> they're considerably cheaper on orders of less than 6 boards. They anly
> accept their proprietary file format and their software is Windows-only,
> but I'm told it runs well in VMware and VirtualPC.

I've used Douglas Electronics (www.douglas.com). The last I checked
their prices were similar to the other prototyping houses around (they
might have been somewhat higher, which would have been offset for me by
the fact that I had used their software *long* ago so I already knew it
and they're fairly local to me so if I'm in a huge rush I can go pick
the boards up). Like those other services, the version of their layout
software that is tied to their service is cheap. It's for Mac and
Windows. Plus, to help bring this back on topic, they still list
extenders, prototyping boards, connectors, and miscellaneous hardware
for several classic systems as standard products.


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