Kaypro II keyboard? (problem)

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 22 02:21:13 2005

Patrick wrote:
> There's a good listing of what each connector type is here:
> http://www.tcswnc.com/RJ11%20and%20RJ45%20Connectors.htm

Sadly that page has a fair bit of mistaken information.

An RJ11, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14, or RJ25 is *always* a 6-position
modular jack, and never a 4-position or 8-position. The USOC
codes were defined as standards for ordering service from The
Phone Company, and specified both the jack and wiring
configuration; if you sustitute a 4-position or 8-position
jack for a singleline configuration, it is no longer an RJ11.

This was all spelled out in Bell System Practices years ago,
but unfortunately those are very difficult to find now. Perhaps
there are equivalent Bellcore standards.

Technically speaking it is incorrect to refer to the jacks and
plugs as RJxx. They are simply n-position modular jacks and
plugs. EIA/TIA 568A and 568B wiring as commonly used for
Ethernet does *NOT* use RJ45, but it does use 8-position modular
jacks and plugs. Plugging an Ethernet device into a true RJ45
could result in electrical damage to the Ethernet device.

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