DECmate III and Rainbow 100+

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 13:28:38 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 13:01:46 -0500, Paul Koning <> wrote:
>>Someone who understands floppies better might be able to deduce the
>>correct timing parameters from the description in the PRO Technical
>>Manual, but it's above my head.
>Here's a table from a posting I made to Usenet in 1990...
The numbers in the fdprm file are often not timing values, but bit flags.
The file is poorly documented, and you will need to search for any real
The following links to a document that helps to understand what the numbers
represent, but it still leaves one confused.

As I mentoned before, some floppies numbered their sectors starting with
zero instead of one (like the Kaypro-II), and can not be handled directly
from Linux (unles I missed a flag somewhere). The dmklib floppy read
program handles this "problem", and then the CP/M files can be extracted
with cpmtools (after defining the kaypro format), or an emulator.
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