RJ designations

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 22 14:48:25 2005

Steve Thatcher wrote:
> in general, people have called them by RKxx, whether it is correct or not
> is academic. When did you last xerox something...
> it really doesn't matter whether there is a USOC or not.
> it is whatever the general consensus settles on.

There isn't a general consensus. There are people who (incorrectly)
use RJ22 to refer to a four-position modular connector, and there
are people who (correctly) use RJ22 to refer to a 50 position connector
for a key system. You'll be very disappointed if you try to order
one and actually receive the other, so I think it very much DOES matter
that there is a standard for it, and that we should use terminology
consistent with the standard.

If it didn't matter what we called it, we might as well call it an
RJ37.26. We might as well call EIA-232 "JQG129" instead.

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