RJ designations

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 22 15:18:15 2005

Randy wrote:
> Call me crazy but I have seen one reference to RJ22X as a multi-line
> interface and dozens of references to RJ-22 as a small 4 pin modular
> connector.
> I don't know what's right, what are you using to back up the statement:
> "There are people who (incorrectly) use RJ22 to refer to a four-position
> modular connector, and there are people who (correctly) use RJ22 to refer
> to
> a 50 position connector for a key system."

Personal experience working on key telephone systems in the 1980s, and
referring to the relevant Bell System Practices (which, alas, I do not
have copies of now).

AT&T only asigned USOC RJxx codes to services that they provided to
customers. They did not provide any service using a four-pin modular
connector as an attachment point.

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