RJ designations

From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Feb 22 15:18:44 2005

in that case, make sure the picture matches what you want...

At 03:48 PM 02/22/2005, Eric Smith wrote:
>Steve Thatcher wrote:
> > in general, people have called them by RKxx, whether it is correct or not
> > is academic. When did you last xerox something...
> >
> > it really doesn't matter whether there is a USOC or not.
> >
> > it is whatever the general consensus settles on.
>There isn't a general consensus. There are people who (incorrectly)
>use RJ22 to refer to a four-position modular connector, and there
>are people who (correctly) use RJ22 to refer to a 50 position connector
>for a key system. You'll be very disappointed if you try to order
>one and actually receive the other, so I think it very much DOES matter
>that there is a standard for it, and that we should use terminology
>consistent with the standard.
>If it didn't matter what we called it, we might as well call it an
>RJ37.26. We might as well call EIA-232 "JQG129" instead.
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