HP 2623 terminals?

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Date: Tue Feb 22 16:06:05 2005

Joe R. wrote:
> Does anyone have the specs for these terminals or know what CPU they use?

Extract from 02623-90001, "HP 2623A Graphics Terminal User Manual"

1 Introducing the HP 2623A

The HP 2623A Display Terminal is a graphics terminal with many of the
alphanumeric capabilities of the 262X family of terminals. These
capabilities include block mode and format mode for data entry
applications. Forms may be displayed and enhanced by the optional line
drawing set. The terminal can display up to 80 characters per line and
has an optional printer for printing graphic or alphanumeric data.

Highlights of the HP 2623A are:

High Quality Display
- Bright, clear screen display.
- Selective erase.
- 512 ? 390 displayable points.
- Enhanced 7 ? 11 dot characters in a 9 ? 15 dot cell.
- 24-line by 80-character screen; 48-line by 80-character alphanumeric

Graphics Software Support
- Graph 1000-II Compatible.
- DSG 3000 Compatible.

Optional Built-in Graphics and Alphanumeric Hardcopy
- Graphics Hardcopy in 30 to 60 seconds.
- Quiet thermal printer.
- Prints data-entry type forms.

Fast Vector Generation
- 9600 buaud data communications.
- Eleven definable line types.

Graphics Text
- USASCII and six foreign languages.
- Normal or slanted type.
- Variable character size.
- Variable character orientation.

Rectangular Area Shading
- User definable patterns.

Alphanumeric Features
- High resolution display.
- Display enhancements.
- Format mode.
- Character/Block modes.
- Editing.

Ease Of Use
- Eight user-definable function keys.
- Soft configuration.
- Separate graphics and alphanumeric cursors.
- Keyboard control of graphics cursor.
- Simultaneous graphics and alphanumeric displays.
- Embedded numeric keypad.
- Typewriter-style keyboard.
- International character sets.
- RS232 printer port.

Data Communication
- EIA RS232-C
- 20ma current loop.
- Full-duplex asynchronous.

Reliability and Serviceability
- Self-test
- Modular design.

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