Osborne-1 SD format

From: Dan Lanciani <ddl-cctech_at_danlan.com>
Date: Tue Feb 22 14:39:05 2005

|>It is. Your best bet would be to get a 1797 family controller.
|Believe me, I've thought of that - problem is that I want to be able to
|send this to people to make disks - but it looks like the pee-cee controller
|(or the design) is just not up to snuff, and all I see a people having
|problems - single-density on a pc is very problematic.

I don't even have any PCs left in regular service that can read FM.

|>It has trouble with various kinds of back-to-back operations, but I
|>wouldn't expect that to make the tracks totally unreadable. Something
|>else is going on. Is it possible that the BIOS thinks you have an
|>80 track drive and is double-stepping? That would let you read track
|>0 but no other.
|I'm not using BIOS at all - I'm communcating directly with the FDC and
|DMA controller. It simply does not see Sector-1 on the SD track, almost
|all the time!

I wasn't talking about the HD drive's failure to see sector 1 but about
the Teac's being able to read only track 0. Are you sure it is stepping
at all? Could there be a termination problem when the drives are swapped

                                Dan Lanciani
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