Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 15:32:51 2005


I have a few STD BUS manuals ... A few hundred!

I just moved and most of my docs are stashed in a warehouse but, I'll provide
what info I have handy. Most of my collection is Z80 based so, I seriously doubt
that I'll have any docs
for the 286 and 486 boards. I'll check next time I go to the warehouse.

As far as the 10 pin connector on the PROLOG board, those were generally used to
access the CTC and interrupt circuits. I can't find any docs that show a 10 pin
connector used for a serial interface.

Some CPU cards did not have serial interfaces and of those some were 20ma
current loop. Before doing anything else, verify that the board has the 1488 and
1489 drivers and a DART / PIO or other serial controller.

Most CPUs have a 26 pin header connector for the serial interface. All you need
is a piece of ribbon cable, a DB25 connector that mounts on the ribbon cable,
and a 26 pin header connector. Squeeze a connector on each end of the ribbon
cable and see if it works. If it doesn't just flip on of the connectors. RS232
is very forgiving. You can screw up the wiring and not damage anything.

While we talking about STD-BUS, here's a quick update.

Ultimately, I'd like to have a complete development system with a file system,
HPIB support, and an editor assembler. To that end:

I have hacked a copy of MS-Basic, burned it in ROM, and got it working on one
of my systems. Well... It sorta works. I can enter and execute commands from the
OK prompt but when I enter them with line numbers and try to execute, I get
SYNTAX errors. <Grrrrrrr>

I have a Microsys HPIB card and docs so, I can do the HPIB thingy. At least that
part is working correctly. Just need to add some hooks to the basic code and
I'll be golden.

I have also been looking for a simple editor / assembler that I can hack for the
STB BUS system. At this point, I think the most promising is ALPS. I hope Dave
Dunfield doesn't mind ;-)

Actually, I haven't subscribed to this list for several years and didn't realize
that he was a contributer. I found ALPS and started playing with it before a saw
any of his posts.

Anyway, I hope the serial interface info is useful. If you need any additional
help, let me know.

See ya,

Ken Seefried wrote:

> Does anyone have a cache of Pro-Log STD-Bus manuals on-line (or off)? I use
> STD-Bus for a variety of control apps, and I've come into a cache of STD-Bus
> cards most of which I can't find much doco on.
> Of vital interest is the pinout of the Pro-Log 10-pin serial port.
> Others of immediate interest is the 7892-03 i286 "Sys2 Mod60" CPU, the 7719
> RAM Disk, and the 7874 i486 CPU and associated support cards,
> Google hasn't been my friend.
> Ken
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