Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 16:39:41 2005

Hi Steve,

>I have also been looking for a simple editor / assembler that I can hack for the
>STB BUS system. At this point, I think the most promising is ALPS. I hope Dave
>Dunfield doesn't mind ;-)
>Actually, I haven't subscribed to this list for several years and didn't realize
>that he was a contributer. I found ALPS and started playing with it before a saw
>any of his posts.

I don't mind - glad to see someone makeing use of the code.

Btw, in case you have a version of ALPS that I posted to my commercial site some
years ago - about a year ago when I did my "Altair preservation project", I dug
into the ALPS sources, cleaned them up and fully commented them - I also found a
much improved version I had done of the debugger and updated it as well. These
updated sources can be found in my ALTAIR simulator disk images, as well as the
ALPS N* image that I just posted through Randy's site:

I never did update the ZIP on my commercial site - if you don't want to be bothered
with trying to extract them from the simulator images, just email me and I will send
you the updated source files.

>I have hacked a copy of MS-Basic, burned it in ROM, and got it working on one
>of my systems. Well... It sorta works. I can enter and execute commands from the
>OK prompt but when I enter them with line numbers and try to execute, I get
>SYNTAX errors. <Grrrrrrr>

I also have Micro-Basic - a tiny (3K) BASIC for the 8080 --- obviously not as
powerful as MS-basic, but a cute little way to demo a system (You can try it
out if you boot my "DMF" OS under either Altair or Horizon simulators).

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